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5 SureFire Ways To Beat Depression

Here's something you might want to look into before heading into Winter Wonderland.

I used to think I had Depression.
The Worst Kind.
The Depression that makes you want to lie in Fetal Position and cry for an hour, while almost being tempted by the idea to suck your own thumb.
The kind that makes you cancel plans, at the very last minute, and pray you don't lose your last two friends.
The kind that makes your crash mid-day and wakes you up in the middle of the night.
The kind that feels like an ache deep inside your sad bones.
The kind that makes you feel like you're floating on a raft in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
The kind that makes you kinda just wanna die.

That's the Depression I am talking about. Or at least I thought I did.
It turned out I didn't have depression. I just happened to be allergic to people.
Meaning I discovered I ranked high on Introversion in terms of my personality. Even though I grew up in a metropolitan, surrounded by people, I peake…
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PTSD & The Human Psyche: Pt. 1

There are days when I feel high as the moon There are times when I feel the crushing weight  Of Venus, Mars and Earth on my Shoulder Blades                                                                  -M. Niazi

    If life consists of continual cycles of growth, today marks one where I am gifted with an Epiphany. I only have to check my mental luggage and rummage around. Today, I have come to the realization about Healing. It cannot happen on the Cusp of Work and Personal Life. It needs space to grow and flourish. Unfortunately, we live in a world where Work and Life are on a never-ending loop, with no chain to break the sequence of events or to quieten our timid souls. If there is a way, I have found it to be prayer and reflection with God. Even that itself, is not exactly something that always works out in our favour. God also has standards that we continually fall short of. Creation is in a constant dance of agony and ecstasy.

    Coincidentally, that is what PTSD feels like; an e…

The Science of The Wholesome Breakfast

The whole concept of breakfast falls under the same priority list as Money and Love.

There is nothing more I want first thing in the morning than hearty breakfast. Not even a good morning kiss from my love. Actually, I am dead serious. My whole palette has evolved alongside my desire to have a more condensed, wholesome and healthy cooking routine. This morning, I woke up thinking of how to make my dream into a reality.

Then it Hit Me: Small Steps.
Small, Simple Steps.
Eliminating Extra Movements.

This concept of Small Steps is something I have already heavily invested in, with the 15-Minute Meal Prep Plans.
Here is an extra goodie for all you Ladies and Gents who make their own breakfast.
As a re-do on the Classic Continental Breakfast, I made Hash Browns using Sweet Potatoes. I chopped half a sweet potato and sautéed it for about 8 minutes. Truth be told, it was a bit over-done. I also sprinkled some dry parsley, pumpkin seeds and dry cranberries.

The entire time I was eating this me…

Maternal Warmth and Other Excerpts From The Womb


    This entire experience of being jammed up on the house with my family has revealed a new territory that I never even knew counted for something. I undermined motherhood to a great degree due to my parent's divorce and internalized resentment. I thought motherhood was a frivolous pre-occupation, taken on by women lacking real purpose and enough ambition to make it to the top of the Corporate Ladder. 
    If you asked me a few years ago what I wanted from life, I would tell you an Executive Position for a major Publishing Firm in New York and an ever-growing potential to be even greater. There was also more stuff I added to my dream career board. At one point, I changed my entire goal post to include a more exciting career.With every disappointment in life, I wanted to counter it with a bigger career goal. 
So what changed?    Once in a life someone comes around who shakes up your entire existence and makes you rearrange that ambition. Not because it's not in his self…

5 Tips on Mastering Handwritten Christmas Letters

I have a confession to make.

I am a sucker for the timeless art of writing letters.

I write love letters to myself all the time actually.
Writing letter to myself was something I started a few years ago to help encourage myself to grow more. I also love writing letters to friends and family to remind them of what they mean to me. I truly believe that writing handwritten letters is something that will never go out of style.  In efforts to encourage you guys to show gratitude and goodwill towards your family and community, here are five tips on how to nail the art of handwritten letters.

1. Keep It Simple Stupid:

    While it's nice to have someone ramble on and on about how much well-wishes they hold in their heart for you, trust me it gets boring FAST!! Cut the gooey crap and get to the meat of the greeting by keeping your greeting down to 5-6 lines max. This will save your recipient the headache of reading through a parchment, the size of the Dead Sea Scrolls, just to find out ho…

Breaking Generational Curses Series - Part 2

"We are all refugees from our childhoods. And so, we turn, among other things, to stories"
                                                                                      -Mohsin Hamid, How To Get Rich In Rising Asia

Generational Curse #1: Narcissism

If you search the word Narcissism, thousands on inquiry results will come up. Narcissism is a Hot Topic everywhere, having a rampant and negative effect in dating, politics, culture and family life. Yet, there is no one definition to define Narcissism because it means different things to different people. In my series, I will touch upon Narcissism from my personal life experiences and how they have been shaped through being part of a household run amuck with Narcissistic Parents.

Year 1993: I am born in Lahore, Punjab at CMH. 

Lahore is a bustling metropolitan even back in the 90's. And the 80's. Plus all the way back in to the 40's when Pakistan separated from India. Once India and Pakistan separated, the effects…

The Soul in Post-Modern American Capitalism: Part 1

        "I put my heart and soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process"
-Vincent Van Gogh

' I have been trying to find my Soul In Capitalism for a long time. I realized I have been trying to justify my life. All the time. To everyone and everything. It's been so unconscious that as the programming comes to surface, I sort of almost fall into a deep, empty void.

    I feel like work is the only way I have to relate to the world. I sometimes feel like my entire existence is just being a cog in the wheel. A vehicle to produce a two-second sound byte that might just come out right.

    Believe me when I say this, I am scared of facing a slow impeding reality.
Do I even have a soul? Is it a made-up thing?
I have been trying to prove something my whole life. Walking around with a chip on my shoulder and seeking to prove my worth on every chance I get. Maybe it's my inner demons unleashed; maybe I'm a product of my dysfunctional environment.Maybe I want …

Breaking Generational Curses Series A: Part 1

The progression of my life has forever seemed to hinge upon something. When I was young, it seemed to be upon my Dad's arrival from Dubai, where he used to work. My mother would wait for days, months, and years waiting for his arrival. He was always so caught up, so recklessly self-absorbed to the detriment of his own well-being. The entire home seemed to hinge upon his permission to go out, enjoy ourselves and just breathe. If daddy had a bad day, guess who was going to bear the brunt of it. Waiting on a Narcissist as a child can really wear you out emotionally, before you even develop your emotional repertoire.

    My entire childhood also depended upon the organization of family activities as according to my mom. Not once did she bother to notice my unique tendencies or cuts in nature. In fact, she often discouraged me from being my authentic self. Even to this day, all the stacks of notes and books I have in my room bother her. I know she not so secretly wished for a diffe…